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Company introduction

Company introduction

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Company introduction

Shanxi Chengxin mining equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a key private enterprise in Shanxi province. The products of Chengxin Da company mainly produce: glass steel anchor, glass fiber reinforcement, anchor tray, glass steel tray nut, plastic nylon tray nut, mine plastic net, composite steel plastic net, mining cable hook, hook net and rhombus net, and so on, and enter the Russian market. Long term foreign trade relations have been established with Russia. Chengxin Da will inherit the fine tradition of Shanxi merchants and be honest with customers. It will provide quality products and considerate services to all guests.

From 2011 to now, Chengxin Da company has been appraised as "demonstration unit of product quality", "demonstration unit of mine plastic products" and "enterprise of scientific and technological innovation". It has been independently developed by Chengxin Da company for mining plastic tensile net, glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor, and glass fiber tendons as "the famous excellent products of Shanxi province". The mine plastic tensile network has obtained the national patent, and through the National Coal Safety Supervision Bureau certification, to obtain the safety mark certificate of mine products, the product has been all over the country.



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