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Coal mine supporting network product advantages

Source: Time:2017-03-27 16:46:20 frequency:

Coal mine supporting network compared with general wire mesh has a lot of advantages, supporting network is mainly used in coal mine coal mine takes the new requirements for products, therefore, generally require its security is very good, so what's the advantage coal mine supporting network?

1, friction should not be static electricity, as used in the coal mine, ask its unfavorable produce electrostatic, lest cause a fire, due to the flammable gas in coal mine is very much, if there is electrostatic, spark susceptible to fire, coal mine supporting networks typically resistance is very large, so as to avoid static electricity.

2, flame retardancy, timely send fire, also demanded burning coal mine supporting network, maintain stable performance of the product.

3, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion characteristics, due to conditions in coal mine, coal mine supporting network with moistureproof, corrosion resistance, etc.

4, convenient for construction and maintenance, due to the coal mine well space is small, the light is bad, so for the sake of their has the convenience of construction, the advantages of easy to maintain.

5, density is small, when mixed with wire mesh in coal, easy cleaning, therefore requires lower density than water, easy separation.

6, require high strength, bearing capacity is strong.



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