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Choice of shanxi xin cheng da glass reinforced plastic anchor rod

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Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod is a new kind of composite material, with good tensile performance, antistatic, corrosion resistance, light quality, good transportation, easy operation etc., are widely used in coal mine roadway support, tunnel supporting, railway Bridges, underground continuous wall along the highway, etc.

Shanxi xin cheng da mining equipment co., LTD as a professional company has many years of research and development and production experience, over the years focused on marketization of glass fiber material, was identified as the provincial key enterprises. In the domestic first developed full thread fiber reinforced plastic anchor rod, full thread fiber reinforced clinker reinforced material, fill the domestic blank in this field, has passed the technical appraisement of department of Shanxi Province, and won several national patents and taiyuan city, Shanxi Province's annual scientific and technological progress first prize.

Shanxi xin cheng da series produced by mining products, are exported to domestic and foreign many places, shenhua group, China coal, with the coal group, YangMei, xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, sichuan, hebei, henan, jiangsu, gansu, shaanxi, qinghai, guizhou, yunnan and other provinces more customers have a long-term cooperation.

So as a customer, why did you choose shanxi xin cheng da glass reinforced plastic anchor rod and other products?

Should have the following reasons:

In xin cheng da, first, the quality, the quality is the life of the enterprise, every bolt, each product, after inspection qualified rear can put in storage, xin cheng da series mining products have certificate of safety sign at the national center for AnBiao;

Second, the price is not high, as a manufacturer, in quality assurance at the same time, we have a certain price advantage, not like the middlemen, ex-factory price and how many points, cheat customers, manufacturers, our customers are always the most welcome to visit our factory inspection;

Third, delivery timely, xin cheng da production lines are running at present, we have a special delivery personnel, after receiving orders, processing orders, the first time to arrange shipment, have special requirements of products, also can guarantee to produce in the shortest time, sent to the customer, at this point, not like other manufacturers, hold the customer's payment for goods, late delivery, it is never happened in xin cheng da, we put customers first;

Fourth, after-sales service, it may be for general manufacturers, glass fiber reinforced plastic anchor rod this kind of product belongs to the cost, put an end to sell get money even when they do, but in xin cheng da, we will deliver the products to the other side, after receive the other payment, we will track this batch of products, until the customer finished and no problem, of course, that caused by improper operation is not included;

Glass reinforced plastic anchor rod as safety supporting products, must choose a guaranteed products, in terms of price, want to choose such as shanxi xin cheng da mining equipment co., LTD qualified anchor rod manufacturers, and guarantee the quality, price is guaranteed. Shanxi xin cheng da, looking forward to establish long-term relations of cooperation with every customer.



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