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What is the glass fiber reinforced? What's with the glass fiber reinforced?

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Glass fiber reinforcement is a new type of high-tech fiber reinforced composite material, is made of high performance fiber and synthetic resin, curing agent, using the appropriate material, which is formed by the molding process according to the appearance can be divided into the direct reinforcement, circle of flexural reinforcement, reinforcement, special-shaped steel, etc.

Glass fiber reinforced have many advantages over ordinary reinforced, absolute anticorrosion ability, thermal insulation, high tensile strength, all the members of the opposite sex to facilitate cutting, light weight is only 1/4 of reinforcement, and compared with the ordinary steel bar has a great deal of synergistic.

According to the characteristics of glass fiber reinforced material, this material has been applied in many engineering projects, including the tunnel engineering, the slope excavation and supporting, anticorrosive engineering, preventing electromagnetic interference, brick structure reinforcement engineering.

Import and export of shield machine David used instead of ordinary steel, has the advantages of easy cutting;

Mine construction in bolt, ease of installation, the advantages of permanent preservation ;

Made of soil nails, nail mud, prestressed anchor and so on;

Military engineering, hospital of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), airport facilities, near high voltage equipment and engineering;

Reinforced masonry structures to resist earthquake, typhoon, shock wave, etc.; Repair in local craze, deformation structure.

Glass fiber reinforced high quality engineering characteristics, determines the extensive use of glass fiber reinforcement.



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